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Prodigal Angel

May 10, 2020

Motion Furry comic made by Miles-DF for the NARR8 platform

Furry Artist: Miles-DF

About Narr8:

NARR8 is a mobile computer application that allows you to view comics and serious novels online interactively. The application is free and available in iTunes for iPad and Google Play for tablets and smartphones with Android 4.0 operating system.

Its serials, with its format, contain animation, sounds and music, special high-resolution effects, and interactive elements that allow you to interact with the story.

The content catalog includes various genres, from manga, science fiction, horror, detective, fantasy, or urban fantasy, as well as science and history series.

NARR8 History

The NARR8 developed company was founded by Alexander Vaschenko in October 2011, with an initial capital of $ 4 million, through the investment company IMI.VC Venture Company, a Moscow-based firm.2 Thus, NARR8 was published in the fall of 2012.

The first content it published was The Secret City, by the well-known author of fantastic literature Vadim Panov. Although in the beginning, the contents of NARR8 were free,

However, the company don’t last enough; We do not know if it was due to piracy or an economic crisis, but the application left the market in September 2014 without any propper notice to their users. Their twitter and youtube accounts show activity until that date.

After an exhaustive search, we have not found a formal store for the sale of the comic, we left the artist's shop and his Patreon anyway. 

Miles-DF Store

Miles DF-Patreon

Next, the Prodigal Angel comic.

This comic took a lot of time and dedication to its author for your enjoyment. You only needs few seconds to share and follow it on his social networks, and if you can support on Patreon.

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