During the 80’s the police and military uniforms were practically the same

Etorphine is a tranquilizer for bears. In this universe, the government orders violent predators to take etorphine, otherwise they will go to jail. The government uses etorphine because it is addictive, and for that reason, even if nobody watches them, predators continue to consume etorphine.

Nightmare became Real

The nightmare has come true
The mafia has knowledge to administer torture, they fear that there are more people aware of its operations, if they do not manage to get the names out of it, the mafia will have to suspend all its activities and “reorganize”


The clock is ticking
Two decades, two generations and the same world that seems to be a totally different one.

During the 80’s, the Selva Verde Republic was governed by an iron dictatorship; Despite that, elections were still held but they were only a farce. In the early 1990s the era of dictatorship ended up giving way to the democratic era.