MAR 2023



1 – Jolt Squirrel – Telegram – DONE
2DarkAbyssal Wolf – twitter DONE
3TooMuchYiff – DONE
4-Fishnetkistune – twitter – Done
5-AlyxtheBlindCat – Twitter – Done
6-Boomd_Plusratio – twitter – done
7-Pancakeh – twitter – done
8 – Big Country – twitter – Unpaid
9-YCH dot art artworks – Done
10Gnull on Telegram – DONE
12 – Zero Steele on Discord
13-Banditlyfe from Discord – DONE
14Undead boy from Discord – IN PROGRESS –

Commission Done

Kaito San

darkanthros commissions
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queenmephitzale Commission

Available Slots

12022 7 16, Kaito san for make minicomic. Telegram
22022 7 17, by Gemini for make two OC commissions (Beastar fanart)
louis and legoshi
32022 7 18 by golditheeverything for make Femboy Fury YCH
femboy fury
42022 7 20 by Gnul for make Mini Comic
52022 7 23 by Shark for make 3/4 body

Commission Sheet


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The DarkAnthros Comics


What is DA comics?


DarkAnthros is a NSFW comic with sex, action and violence scenes; divided in auto-conclusive chapters about the misadventures of Smart the coyote and friends, a private eye who survives in the underground of an dystopia society.

He will work for corporate, syndicates, mafia lords or anyone who pay for survive another month.

furry comic
DarkAnthros number 10

DarkAnthros society are the vestiges of what was once a free society, now a society divided between prey and predators under the rule of a faceless government and monopoly corporations.

The most evident way of control are the Credit System, the unique legal way for trade with money since the disappearance of cash.

If you do something that could be considered a potential danger for government or corporations, you will be banned from credit system. this is the reasons why the legal slavery returns.

furry comic
The Protector Service

Is this Another Social Criticism?

O fuck not! this is a ridicule, a parody. the cyberpunk dystopia is used as background for get a platform for make diverse stories with absurds and surrealist plots.

This comic has the main purpose of entertainment, I have not the intention of “educate” with this comic, the plot always will prioritize the entertainment over any “moral / political / ideological” message.

The Spin-Off

DarkAnthros Spin-off it’s a series of comics, mostly made into single page, showing in humor and NSFW trend, others aspect about the life into the dystopia society. These comics are starring by Patron’s Characters.

mission failed
Mission Failed


As official supporter, beside get cameos or roles for your fursona into the comics, you can also share your ideas for make new comics.


Become a Patron!

Beside Suport the production of this project you will enjoy the next benefits:

Punk tier per 2.00 USD/month

Enjoy the new comics in Hight Resolution, uncensored version for the Main Plot before than anyone.Also, be part of final credits.

Street Warrior per 5.00 USD/month

Beside the same benefits than “punks” you will have the privilege of get a cameo or role of your fursona(s) into comics (this according queue of subscription date) , the Main role and the Spin-off too.

Mafia lord per 10 USD/month (not available yet)

This tier will be the privilege of be protagonist, Your fursona even will get it own chapters into MAIN PLOT as first protagonist.

Become a Patron!

Check the Released pages of comics here:




Pay for one OC and get Two, how it works?

This offer is about one picture with two characters, could be SFW or NSFW, full body where one of the OC is yours and the another is one of mine, in this case Alexia, Jasmine and Southwinter.

This offer is available for any gender and specie.


Secondary character of DarkAntrhos comics, (first pages already published in this site) prostitute and occassional informant / helper of the coyote private eye.


Secondary character of DarkAntrhos comics, (first pages already published in this site) prostitute and occassional informant / helper of the coyote private eye.


Cat who was business woman before got arrested in third world country during her vacations by the fault of his husband by crime she didn’t made. For avoid the jail and taking advantage of the corruption she accepted work in the brothel owned by corrupt bureaucrats. In the beginning she had the intention to escape but 5 years after she is now professional scort.

Most of the pictures commissioned with Jasmine will be included in her canonically story. The first sketch will be released in this website during August 2021


She is now Embassy official of some ex-communist country. She is intersex AKA futanari. During her childhood she obviously was recognized as boy, everything changed during her puberty. Thanks by her parents influences; her true sexuality was hidden to society, her registry, identity and school was changed to avoid “problems” as her parents told her.

Alexia’s story will be developed in the comic DARK ANTRHOS, the firsts pages are already published in this site.

Get your Date with 60.00 USD, Two characters

One character will be Alexia or Jasmine and another will be yours.

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