Furry cyberpunk


Dark Anthros

Feel the wind blowing over your face

Wake Up

wake up

No sunshine, No freedom Welcome to the Reality

Good Morning Vietnam

Here is not vietnam… it’s worse English translation revised by Bowman fox

Dark City

cyberpunk comic

English Translation thanks by Bowman Fox

I was a good boy

furry comics

Now i feel good being a naughty coyote! UNCENSORED COMIC VERSION AVAILABLE ON PATREON!! English translation thanks by BOWMAN


furry comics

Most of people would feel depressed living in darkness, i enjoy the moment before things goes worse. UNCENSORED VERSION AVAILABLE ON PATREON  English Translation thanks by BOWMAN

09 Cheating

MONEY Originally, the name I wanted to give to the cryptocurrency was G-coin, however this would force me to take an anticlimactic pause to explain that G-coin is a cryptocurrency and blah blah. That’s why I decided at the last moment to use BITCOIN because everyone should already know what it is and I don’t […]