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I want meet the girl not the tshirt Comic inspired in the Miles DF controversy.  PRECUEL

Mission Failed

mission failed

Mission Failed Adult mini-comic  Now this comic you’re about to is about Aurora’s (Kitsune girl) past life.~ She use to be a Bad Bitch and a Fem Fatale Crime lord. She was even Hunted by Smart the private Eye Commission mini-comic CREDITS: Smart Private eye: my Personal OC Aurora by Alolan Suns Aurin the Lucario by Aurin […]

Mission Failed 2

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Mission Failed After all, Smart can’t return to home with empty hands THIS PAGE WAS POSSIBLE THANS BY PATRON SUPPORT CREDIT (Thanks Patreons): Ross Boxfox TurkeySloth


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This page was possible thanks by PATREON support! Patrigue That Dumb Honse Ross Boxfox CRYTOCURRENCIES! The original project had it own fictional Crypto, however for avoid uncomfortable explains in middle of the plot, i chosen BITCOIN because most of population knows less or more what BTC means. In this universe the cash have been disappeared, […]

How i lost my gun

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This page was possible thanks by PATREON support! Patrigue That Dumb Honse Ross Boxfox Wyatt Branham

Meet with the boss

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DARKANTHROS SPIN-OFF: Meet with the boss   Feat: Alexia as the Boss Glint G. Borealis Robolatec Silver Angel 90   Especial thanks to my patreons:    Wyatt Branham Patrigue That Dumb Honse Ross Boxfox   Get Early access and cameo into the DarkAnthros comic project,   SUPPORT ON PATREON

Banned from Credit System

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Beware of “hate crime” on Internet DarkAnthros society are the vestiges of what was once a free society, now a society divided between prey and predators under the rule of a faceless government and monopoly corporations.The most evident way of control are the Credit System, the unique legal way for trade with money since the […]