100 Fursonas YCH

The 100 fursonas YCH project:

Join to the Spring-Break furry party: 100 fursonas yiffing and dancing in one large picture!!

Click over picture for zoom (the final result will have better resolution, this is only for demonstrative use)

The Furry Spring Break party!!

Invite your friends!

45.00 USD – Single character (any location aviable)

75.00 USD – For Couple (Any location aviable)

Group: 75.00 USD + 20 Extra character. (any location aviable)

You will GET:

  • Close up Picture
  • Be part of complete project
  • Your name in the credits (in progress)
  • Alternative galleries (coming soon, Newgrounds, Inkbunny and SoFurry)

The location and pose are free to your choose.


Click over picture for zoom

WALL OF FAME (Credits)

Listed from Left to Right

Direct Contact:

Alternative way of contact – Suggestions

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