Lola Bunny – Making the team

An lola bunny comic

Author: Navlag

furry yiff comic about how really Space Jam team ws made. Lola bunny having a private interview with Jordan.

Lola Bunny comic about how Michael Jordan is bringing together several cartoons to form his basketball team, the first thing is to know results of them they know how to play the sport. Among all, Lola Bunny stands out, who claims to be able to play.

In love with her, Bugs challenges her to play a 21, calling her a doll, which she does not like at all, so he decides to finish it on the court. In his confrontation he displays his ability, humiliating him in front of everyone.

When he finished winning he says goodbye to everyone, Michael Jordan is very impressed, telling the team to go for his team. Meanwhile he will look for a way to get Lola into the group.

She is stretching, looking at him greets him in a very mischievous way, in the end he manages to see something good in that world Michael. He offers to help her by massaging her feet, being a bit tense from calling her a doll.

Your behavior can serve you well on the field of play, but first you will have to pass a test. He tells her this by bringing one of her feet to his mouth, and then pulling down his pants showing her his big penis.

He wants to see how good she is at giving blowjobs, but in that he calls her a doll, teasing her. This makes her take his penis hard and start sucking his member angrily, it's more good than she thought.

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