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Furry Commissions & Offers

Welcome to The Naughty Coyote’s Furry Commissions page

Feel free to check the offers and furry commissions prices listed bellow

furry commissions

YCHs (since 27.00 USD)

Get access to CLONE YCHs since 27.00 USD
Also get access to EXCLUSIVE Comic YCH to be post in the comic sections

furry commissions

Date with Jasmine or Alexia ( 60.00 USD)

(OFFER UNTIL 05-10-2021)

Pay for one character and get two. Get a commission with your OC having fun with one of my characters, click in picture for more info.

furry commissions

Your own Mini-Comic (130.00 USD)

Two character on three Scenes, SFW or NSFW, cell shaded.

furry commissions

100 Fursonas YCH

The Furry SPRING BREAK PARTY, Massive YCH Click on tittle for more info.

  • For usual prices, scroll bellow

Benefits in Patreon (5.00 USD tier)

Become a Patron!

Commission Prices

furry commissions


75.00 USD for get two characters with Full body and cell shaded in single scene. (+15 Extra Character), it could be, SFW or NSFW



60.00 USD for get one character with full body, cell shaded in single scene, it could be, SFW or NSFW

half body


40.00 USD for get one character with half body, Cell Shaded in single scene. It could be SFW or NSFW (+10 Extra character)

Another offers

  • 15.00 USD per one character, cell shaded Portrait (+5 Extra character)

Background are included ALWAYS!!

All furry commissions includes background like: landscapes, city, beach or indoors. The complexity of background are under artist’s choose, except if you need something more specific, contact me for a quote.

My Furry Art Samples

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For Direct Contact:

Sugestion or alt. contact

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