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Furry comics isn’t a server!

It’s a links website to view, preview, review furry comics and stories, and make it easy to users connect with author’s accounts, payment services, or stores.

All the post must be made with the option “insert from URL”

We also have faster ways to insert pictures, by HTML CODE and testing with plugglings to insert pictures from Google drive, instagram and Pinterest.com


For comic authors, translators, writers, publishers and fans.

For becoming in contributor go to this page here, fill the form and send it. The admin will communicate with you via the provided email.

Your provided email will be used to make an account with admin’s privileges for allowing you to create and edit your post.

How make a post:

We strongly suggest, to use the image template and not the gallery, thinking about the user’s comfort, especially when they are using mobile devices, the best way is to arrange the images one under the other.

You have the choice to make a post by chapter or season, but you can also choose to use page breaks to separate chapters or seasons in the same post.

Of course any complementary text is welcome.

In every post, you must give credit to the author, link his gallery site, website if they have one, and most important his payment platform (Patreon, ko-fi, PayPal, Payoneer, others)

Every post must finish with the message inviting the reader to:

  • Share the post.
  • Follow the artist on social sites or web galleries.
  • Support the artist if the user have the possibility.


Make sure your thumbnail picture isn’t NSFW

Add an Age advertisement in the Top of post

Make sure NSFW images loaded correctly using your browser’s private option. Some web galleries block this kind of images.

use the category “yiff”

Other languages

Other languages ​​are allowed, set your post under the language category: “español”, “français” etc.

If post it’s about translated comics, you must add the credits to translator and author, also links to the social networks, galleries, or payment services of both.

Allowed to post:

Artist can upload its artwork from any source.

Fans, can make a post uploading picture by URL from the author’s page into PUBLIC galleries with Creative Common rights like, Deviantart, Newgrounds, e621, Reddit, Imgur, flickr, facebook, twitter, mewe.

Creative commons

Furrycomics.online ONLY share pictures from Creative Commons web galleries.

Furrycomics.online DO NOT modify the original content.

Furrycomics.online DO NOT sell prints or anyonter derivated product from all CC. content published here

Furrycomics.online Give credits, provide links to authors websites and pages.

More Information about creative commons here.

Content from artist’s website

You can make a PREVIEW POST, writing a review at the top of the post it’s appreciate but optional, sharing the first pages or chapter of comic (only with author permissions) and finish the post with text message inviting the reader to go author’s website to continue reading.



Comic without any anthropomorphic/furry character

Any kind of hate propaganda:
Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

private content uploaded in external servers without author’s permissions

Private content:
Any content with restricted access by author, like Patreon content or similar.

Any content prohibited by international laws, google’s term of service, and the Government of Spain, where servers are located.


Contac us for take down any intelectual property posted here without your permission..

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