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Banned from Credit System

Beware of "hate crime" on Internet

DarkAnthros society are the vestiges of what was once a free society, now a society divided between prey and predators under the rule of a faceless government and monopoly corporations. The most evident way of control are the Credit System, the unique legal way for trade with money since the disappearance of cash.

If you do something that could be considered a potential danger for government or corporations, you will be banned from credit system. this is the reason why the people are using of cryptocurrencies for underground economy of survival, but also is the reason why th legal slavery returns.


  • Aurora Gaiga Borealis as slave
  • Static Wolf as bureocrat
  • Vixine as "Protector"
  • ArtaShrike with her background OC

Patron's Credits:

That Dumb Honse

Wyatt Branham

Arta Shrike


Finn The Cheese

Stripe Arse



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