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.December 2021 – January 2022

Diego de la Matakobols – gangbang endingn/a
Jay Thictail (ink roo)Kobols – gangbang endingn/a
Caduzin VlogsMission failed 6n/a
Dastardly DobermanDarkAnthros 13 Mission FAiled 4Done / done
Vit_PolMission failed 6n/a
Static Wolfy Mission FAiled 4 Done
Stripey ArseMission failed 6n/a
Finn the Cheese DarkAnthros 13 DarkAnthros 14Done / in progress
Arta Shikrle DarkAnthros 13 DarkAnthros 14 Done / in progress
Socout the Wolf DarkAnthros 13 DarkAnthros 14 Done / in progress
Wyatt BranhamMission Failed 5in progress
That Dumb honseMission Failed 5in progress
RossBoxfoxDarkAnthros 15n/a
BrakeerMission Failed 5in progress

November 2021

That Dumb HonseRe-Educacion YCHDone
Wyatt Branham Protector Servicedone
Arta ShrikeRe-Education YCHDone
Roxane Protector Service done
Finn The CheeseRe-Education YCHDone
Stripe ArseRe-Education YCHDone
StaticWolfy Protector Service Done
Vit_polRe-Education YCHcoming soon

October 2021

That Dumb Honse
Wyatt Branham Protector Service Done
Arta Shrike
Roxane Protector Service Done
Finn The Cheese
Stripe Arse
StaticWolfy Protector Service Done

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