The DarkAnthros Comics

What is DA comics?


DarkAnthros is a NSFW comic with sex, action and violence scenes; divided in auto-conclusive chapters about the misadventures of Smart the coyote and friends, a private eye who survives in the underground of an dystopia society.

He will work for corporate, syndicates, mafia lords or anyone who pay for survive another month.

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DarkAnthros number 10

DarkAnthros society are the vestiges of what was once a free society, now a society divided between prey and predators under the rule of a faceless government and monopoly corporations.

The most evident way of control are the Credit System, the unique legal way for trade with money since the disappearance of cash.

If you do something that could be considered a potential danger for government or corporations, you will be banned from credit system. this is the reasons why the legal slavery returns.

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The Protector Service

Is this Another Social Criticism?

O fuck not! this is a ridicule, a parody. the cyberpunk dystopia is used as background for get a platform for make diverse stories with absurds and surrealist plots.

This comic has the main purpose of entertainment, I have not the intention of «educate» with this comic, the plot always will prioritize the entertainment over any «moral / political / ideological» message.

The Spin-Off

DarkAnthros Spin-off it’s a series of comics, mostly made into single page, showing in humor and NSFW trend, others aspect about the life into the dystopia society. These comics are starring by Patron’s Characters.

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Mission Failed


As official supporter, beside get cameos or roles for your fursona into the comics, you can also share your ideas for make new comics.


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Beside Suport the production of this project you will enjoy the next benefits:

Punk tier per 2.00 USD/month

Enjoy the new comics in Hight Resolution, uncensored version for the Main Plot before than anyone.Also, be part of final credits.

Street Warrior per 5.00 USD/month

Beside the same benefits than “punks” you will have the privilege of get a cameo or role of your fursona(s) into comics (this according queue of subscription date) , the Main role and the Spin-off too.

Mafia lord per 10 USD/month (not available yet)

This tier will be the privilege of be protagonist, Your fursona even will get it own chapters into MAIN PLOT as first protagonist.

Become a Patron!

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